Den slutgiltiga svaret: Drick kaffe men varken vin eller någon annan alkoholhaltig dryck

Sanningen ges av The Guardian:

Några citat ur artikeln:

Coffee has often been accused of being bad for heart health. But we now have global research showing that coffeeit is protective against cardiovascular disease, stroke and coronary heart disease, and decreases mortality linked to cardiovascular issues.” Nehlig says there is also clear evidence that coffee protects against type 2 diabetes, regardless of body fat; it’s definitely protective against Parkinson’s disease and almost certainly against cognitive decline in general. Coffee does not increase our risk of cancer. “It’s neutral, or even protective in some cancers, like the liver, colon, endometrium and some non-hormonally dependent breast cancers.” Quite why this is, isn’t yet known; Nehlig’s hunch is that it’s to do with coffee’s range of antioxidants.

The World Heart Federation published a research summary and policy brief in January which showed that alcohol is definitely not good for cardiovascular health.

Glöm inte att klicka på The World Heart Federation!!! Budskapet är klart som korvspad. Lev nykert!!!

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