Sydafrikas regering om 501.V2 Variant

”In addition, clinicians have been providing anecdotal evidence of a shift in the clinical epidemiological picture- in particular noting that they are seeing a larger proportion of younger patients with no co-morbidities presenting with critical illness. The evidence that has been collated, therefore, strongly suggests that that the current second wave we are experiencing is being driven by this new variant.”

”The team at KRISP, led by Professor Tulio de Oliviera, (who will shortly give a presentation) have been sharing their findings with the World Health Organization and the scientific community at large. In fact it was this consortium that alerted the UK to our variant, upon which the UK then studied their own samples and found that a similar mutation on the same site (that is the 501 site), was the variant that was driving their resurgence in London, leading to an announcement being made in Parliament and the lockdown that was instituted in London to curb the spread of this variant. This is the calibre of our own scientists here in South Africa and we are extremely proud to once again demonstrate lead-ership in the COVID-19 response on a world stage.”